REM Harnessing Energy for the Environment


REM is bringing the optimal solution for plastic waste treatment in Israel. Using breakthrough energy recovery technology, it can treat an unprecedented amount of plastic waste.

ערימות ענק של פסולת פלסטיק עם רקע של שמיים

REM’s synergetic technology provides an optimal solution to the problem of plastic waste by using oil shale. The plant will operate in accordance with EU policies promoting waste to energy recovery (WtoE).


REM provides an economic solution to the environmental problem, which is a game changer for waste treatment. The partnership operates in the field of energy and the environment, two growth engines currently leading world economic activity. Due to the partnership agreement with the European energy giant Enefit, Israel will be positioned at the forefront of EU countries in the field of waste treatment.


REM is supporting the development of the South by expanding Mishor Rotem’s industrial zone and creating hundreds of quality jobs. REM will purchase plastic waste from waste generators that will provide an additional source of income for factories and farmers alongside reducing the high cost involved in waste treatment.