Harnessing Energy for the Environment
לוגו ראם בתוך עיגול

Rotem Energy Mineral (REM) advances the establishment of a large-scale plastic waste energy recovery plant using oil shale at the Mishor Rotem industrial zone in the Negev.

מפעל פירוליזה למחזור פלסטיק

Rotem Energy Mineral (REM) – Limited Partnership was established in 2016 by the general partner Northwood Exploration Israel. The partnership successfully completed its first IPO in November 2018.

REM’s innovative plant
will utilize approximately 200,000 ton of plastic waste – approximately 20% of Israel’s total annual plastic waste, and put Israel at the forefront of countries providing an environmental solution to plastic waste.


Enefit Group one of the biggest Northern-European leaders in the field of energy recovery, will provide the required technology for the design, construction and operation of the plant.

Using advanced technology based on the pyrolysis process, plastic waste destined for landfills will be recovered as energy for the Israeli economy. Thus, REM will provide an environmental-economic alternative to burning or landfilling plastic waste.


The oil shale mined as phosphate mining overburden waste from REM’s mine in Mishor Rotem, will be used as a hot solids recycle ash-stream in the energy recovery process, and thus will allow the process to take place on a large scale without the need for an external energy source.

REM uses technology, which allows the utilization of environmental hazards – plastic waste and mining waste, in energy production.

The plant will operate in accordance with the EU policy promoting the construction of waste energy recovery

(Waste to Energy) plants, and will be an important component of the national waste treatment infrastructure in energy recovery processes.

עמוד חשמל ברקע של שמש חורפית
0 ton of Plastic Waste
20% of Israel's Annual Plastic Waste
50 MW
of Electricity
1.5 Million
Barrels of Oil
25,000 ton Sulfuric Acis
1,000,000 ash for the cement industries
The project’s unique benefits
Plastic waste treatment on a large scale
Reducing air pollution from illegal plastic waste burning
Energy generation combining oil and electricity
Advanced and proven technology that meets European standards (“BREF”)
Putting Israel in the lead in plastic waste treatment
Reducing landfill hazards
Creating hundreds of jobs in the South of Israel

Sulfuric acid

REM will use sulfur pollutants originated from the oil shales and convert them into pure Sulfuric acid (98%), a highly desirable commodity for various industries in the chemical, construction and infrastructures sectors, while promoting green chemistry concepts and minimize pollutants emissions to the environment.

Oil shale ash originated from REM process was found suitable as a partial replacement for cement. This will allow the need to produce cement (‘clinker’) which produces high amounts of environmental pollutants and GHG’s. REM will promote circular economy concepts, minimal waste generation and economic boost to the market.

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