Economic and Social Tidings for the Residents of South Israel
Regional Development

The project will support regional development through expanding the existing industrial zone in Mishor Rotem. In addition, the project is human resource intensive and will greatly contribute to the socio-economic development of the region. As part of the establishment and operation of the plant, hundreds of workers will be employed in various fields such as engineering companies, local construction contractors, local construction and safety supervisors, transportation and catering service contractors and more. At the regional level, the project will be a significant growth engine for the southern region.

תמונה של העיר באר שבע
Support for the industrial and agricultural sectors in the Southern region

Purchasing plastic constitutes a social change in the mere creation of actual value for waste. By purchasing the plastic from manufacturers, REM creates an incentive in the market for the proper treatment of plastic while diverting it from landfills/burning. Moreover, industrial plants and farmers dealing with the landfill costs, which have reached an unprecedented volume and costs of hundreds of shekels per each ton of generated waste. Purchase of plastic by REM will provide them with a source of income in addition to cost savings in waste treatment. On the social level, this provides a real solution to a problem, in the form of incentives and not enforcement, and relieving the economic burden on citizens, especially the agricultural and industrial community.