Innovative and Breakthrough Technology
מפעיל חדר בקרה של קבוצת אנפיט במתקן הפירוליזה של פסולת הפלסטיק עם פצלי שמן

Plastic waste and oil shale are processed using advanced methods of pyrolysis-based HSR technology. The final product is alternative oil and gases used for electricity generation. Oil shale pyrolysis is successfully applied on a large scale in existing plants and is a proven and efficient technology.

Pyrolysis - the preferred technology for plastic waste treatment.
Pyrolysis is a process of thermally decomposing organic matter in the absence of free oxygen. Plastic waste pyrolysis allows “reverse engineering”– plastics are broken down into the source materials from which they were engineered: oil and gas. The absence of oxygen reduces the pollutant emissions. In addition, the final products of pyrolysis-
alternative oil and pyrolysis gases, are high-quality energy sources.
The oil is convenient to store and transport, while the gases are used to generate electricity.
REM says no to burning plastic waste
Maximum energy efficiency with HSR
(Hot Solids Recycle) Technology

HSR technology is highly energy-efficient and compliant with European environmental standards. The technology is based on using oil shale ash as an energy provider. The ash is used as a stream of heat-carrying solids (Hot Solids Recycle) for a continuous pyrolysis process. As such, it contributes to tremendous energy savings and makes the need for external energy unnecessary.

In fact, it is the oil shale that makes it possible to provide an extensive solution in the treatment of plastic waste.
מפעל תעשייתי מלא בצינורות
עמוד חשמל ברקע של שמש חורפית
Heat recovery for generating electricity

Heat recovery for generating electricity – the hot gases emitted in the process as well as the pyrolysis gases are used to generate electricity. The electricity generation system will operate on the basis of the principle of cogeneration (electricity and heat) and the residual heat from the production unit will be used by various consumers in the plant.

Generating electricity at high energy efficiency while reducing emissions
Oil shale ash is the key to achieving the tremendous energy savings required for the process
Unique in its ability to generate oil and electricity at the same time
Proven and efficient technology
No burning
הפחתת פליטות CO2 פחמן דו חמצני
Minimum pollutant emissions
Treatment of a wide variety of plastics
Energy production in a closed and controlled system
Energy production in a closed and controlled system

Sulfuric acid
REM will use sulfur pollutants originated from the oil shales and convert them into pure Sulfuric acid (98%), a highly desirable commodity for various industries in the chemical, construction and infrastructures sectors, while promoting green chemistry concepts and minimize pollutants emissions to the environment.

Promoting circular economy concepts, minimal waste generation and economic boost to the market.

Oil shale ash
Originated from REM process was found suitable as a partial replacement for cement. This will allow the need to produce cement (‘clinker’) which produces high amounts of environmental pollutants and GHG’s. REM will promote circular economy concepts, minimal waste generation and economic boost to the market.

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