From plastic to oil – an economic product with environmental benefits

The plant will become an important component of national waste treatment infrastructure and energy recovery processes, and will place Israel at the forefront of Western countries in the field of waste treatment. The construction and operation of the plant will create hundreds of new jobs and assist in regional support and development.

An economic-environmental report prepared by a leading external party in the field of environmental economics, analyzed the full range of the REM plant’s environmental impacts, and expresses these impacts in quantitative-monetary terms. According to the report, the plant that the REM Limited Partnership plans to build is expected to save the State of Israel close to 1 billion NIS. The report presents annual savings of approximately 140 million NIS a year, which will result from operating the REM plant to recover energy from plastic waste, compared to the situation today.

REM will purchase plastic waste from waste generators, and thus, instead of plastic incineration or landfilling, will create an incentive to transfer significant amounts of plastic waste from agriculture and industry to the energy recovery plant.

In addition to oil production, REM plant will use by-products originating from the process and utilize them as valuable commodities for various industries, with maximal efficiency, promoting the “waste-to-resource” concept. Residual heat will be used for generating 50MW of electricity power which will be sold to the grid. With the help of state-of-the-art technologies Sulfur originating from the process will be converted to pure sulfuric acid which is required in many industries and laboratories. In addition, a recent work conducted by the Israeli Standard Institution (ISI) have found that process ash is suitable for the construction industry as a partial replacement for cement. Recently, an agreement was signed with “Readymix” cement industries for further developing and adapting the process ash to a finalized product for the industry.

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